Access for FINS Authorized Users

FINS data is not publicly searchable at this time.

Access Permission

Permission from a FINS agency official is required to obtain a username to access FINS. Access is restricted due to the preliminary version of the data. The data is not considered ready for public consumption.

Below are the current FINS agency and tribal officials:

Idaho Department of Fish and Game 
Chris Sullivan; Natural Resource Program Coordinator; 208.334.3700

Idaho Power 
Stuart Rosenberger; Anadromous Hatchery Program Supervisor; 208.388.6121

Nez Perce Tribe 
Jason Vogel; Research Division Director – Nez Perce Tribe Department of Fisheries Resources Management; 208.621.3602

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife 
Keenan Schmidt; Fish and Wildlife Supervisor – Irrigon Hatchery; 541.922.5732

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Lower Snake River Compensation Plan 
Rod Engle; Fish Biologist – Science Coordinator; 208.378.5298

FINS Data Sharing Policy

Those who submit FINS data:

Data contributors recognize and accept that data submitted to FINS is immediately available to anyone who is a registered FINS user.

FINS Data contributors should ensure data accuracy to the extent possible prior to submittal. Corrections, if necessary, should be made in a timely manner.

All FINS data is associated with an Agency Official, whose contact information is made available to FINS data users so that Agency Officials may be contacted regarding their FINS agency data.

FINS data is assumed to be preliminary and will not be made available to the public until ‘Finalized’.

FINS data can be accessed by all FINS partners using the FINS Query Tool and the RESTful API.

FINS Data Use Agreement

Those who use FINS data:

Are expected to contact the appropriate Agency Official(s) prior to significant use of data from any release group in any publication or presentation for other than internal distribution. This includes both peer-reviewed and non-reviewed documents.

FINS Data Users will contact Agency Officials in order to:

Obtain verification and context for data.

Arrange appropriate acknowledgements, citations, and/or authorships.

Those who download data from FINS using the Query Tool and/or the RESTful API are expected to:

Properly document when the downloaded data includes data from other partners

Limit the access of partner data to FINS authorized users or, when necessary, to other agency employees who are properly informed about the source of the data and their intended use.

FINS Minimum Internet Requirements

Speed – FINS requires a 2Mbps Download Connection at minimum.
Browser – FINS supported Browsers include Chrome and Brave.